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Deer River, Minnesota



General Information

Listed below are some of the general procedures and regulations regarding building in the City of Deer River. This is not a complete listing of the regulations and should not be relied upon for all building questions. Complete information can be found in the City of Deer River's Zoning Ordinances and the State Building Code. Please remember that all setback requirements are from property lines, not the streets.   If you need additional help, please give us a call at 218-246-8195.

Nearly every type of building construction or remodeling within the City requires a building permit.

How To Get A Permit

The city administrator shall be responsible for keeping a ledger of permits issued and state surcharges. The city administrator shall take all applications and refer to building official. The city employee responsible for enforcement of the zoning ordinance shall also review all building permits for compliance with the zoning ordinance and shall sign all such permits. Permits shall be issued within five working days. The administrative authority shall be a state certified "building official".

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