Welcome to the Deer River License Bureau Office! We are conveniently located in Deer River City Hall just south of the only traffic light in town.


Our office provides Motor Vehicle license plates, titles, registration tabs, vehicle transfers & all related DMV  items as duplicate driver's licenses and change of address.  We also handle DNR titles & registrations for boats,  snowmobiles, and ATVs.


We are staffed by a team of professional title and registration specialists who work one on one with you to ensure that all documents are prepared properly from start to finish. No one can match our precision, speed and reliability. The Deer River License Bureau has the answers you need to solve any of your Minnesota registration or titling problems.

Titles, License Plates, & Registration Renewals


• Cars    

• Trucks     

• Trailers     

• RV’s     

• Mobile Homes     

• Mopeds     

• Motorcycles (Engine number must be provided for all motorcycle & moped transfers)



• Registration tabs    

• Plates     

• Special Plates (personalized, vets, critical habitat, etc.)     

• Titles

Vehicle Renewals:
To renew your tabs, bring in the renewal notice.  If you do not have one, bring in the plate number along with your ID.  If tabs are being purchased by someone other than the registered owner, bring the renewal notice or a signed permission slip by the registered owner identifying both the vehicle & the purchaser of the tabs.
Out of State Registrations:
Bring in the out of state title or a current registration card if the title is unavailable.  The odometer reading and a valid Drivers License or ID is also required.  The vehicle owner must provide the name and complete address of the lender and date of the loan, if there is a lien against the vehicle.

DNR Title, Transfer & Registration


• Boats

• ATVs

• Collector ATV’s

• Agricultural ATVs

• Snowmobiles

• Collector Snowmobiles

• Off Road Motorcycles

• Off Highway Vehicles

City of Deer River

60 2nd Street SE

PO Box 70

Deer River, MN 56636