Regular Meeting

I. Call to order 6:00 PM.

II. Present Mayor Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Barb Serfling, and Chris Reed. Dan Graf was
absent. Also present City Administrator Mark Box and Police Officer Tony Meyer, and Public Works
Foreman Rick Rogich. Nobody attended via Zoom Meeting.

III. Pledge and Prayer

IV. Minutes After discussion, Pat motion, second by Chris, to approve the regular meeting minutes as
amended. MCU. Motion by Pat Second by Barb to approve the working session minutes as written.

V. Bills After discussion, Pat motion, second by Barb, to approve the bills for $27,927.69 and inter-
fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU.

VI. City Attorney Andy is still communicating with American Tower regarding the lease extension
for the cell tower. Andy will bring a recommendation for the Council to consider at a later date.

Mark and Andy discussed a property split in the commercial district. JRT Holdings are splitting
their building into individual parcels. JRT Holdings is the (Rajala Lumber property) Mark met with
Andy to see if there were any zoning issues with a property split like this.

VII. Public Works Rick gave an update on the pond project. The liner portion of the project has been held up
for unknown reasons. There is a project meeting later this week to discuss this and hopefully get the work
moving forward.

The trail project is going well. The work is being done between 9th Ave Ne and Co. Rd. 128 first to get the
concrete crews here to replace driveways and curb and gutter.

The Swim beach is closed for the season. The dock will be coming out later this week.

The flower baskets are down and will be brought to Bloomers for storage.

Minnesota Energy has started moving their gas mains that are affected by the south end project.
The dump truck is ready for snow hauling.

Mark and Rick will be meeting with the Minnesota Department of Health to talk about the manganese
issues the city has been advised of. Rick has been running the well with a limit under 300ug/l, and Mark
has drafted a letter to send out to the consumers to help explain and help them decide how they want to
address manganese in their homes or place of business.

The crew will be out tree trimming, ditch mowing, and hydrant flushing. Motion by Chris, second by Pat
to approve the public works report. MCU.

VIII. Administrators Report Mark asked for Resolution 2021-35 to be approved. This is a resolution
designating who can sign on to the Northview Bank accounts. Motion by Pat, second by Barb to approve
resolution 2021-35. MCU

Motion by Pat, second by Chris to approve resolution 2021-34, a resolution accepting a donation from
Operation Round-Up for $5,000. MCU

Mark has prepared a notice to notify the utility customers of an increase effective January 1 st , 2022. The
increase is primarily due to the requirements stipulated in the grant agreements with Rural Development
and The Minnesota Public Facility Authority and some additional debt repayment related to the water and
sewer projects in town. Chris suggested including the notice with the mailer going out to alert the
consumers of the manganese issues.

Mark has met with a Kootasca Action as a potential developer who wants to build a 30-unit apartment
complex. Mark showed all of the different lands the city has available. Chris asked about the property tax
implications for the development, and Mark will check into this.

Mark has also been working on getting a meeting with developers to talk about senior housing. The city
has needs for both independent and transitional style housing.

Mark asked for approval of payment for the pond project. Motion by Chris, second by Pat to approve
pay request four for $407,612.68. MCU. Motion by Pat, second by Barb to approve the administrator's
report. MCU.

IX. Other Pat asked for the mayor to appoint Heather Wilhelm to the planning commission to fill the
vacancy created with the passing of Al Wilhelm. Pat suggested making the appointment for the
remainder of the term held by Al. Mayor Geving agreed and appointed Heather Wilhelm to the Planning
Commission for the rest of the term previously held by Al Wilhelm.

X. Adjournment Motion by Pat, second by Chris to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:39 PM.
Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.
Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on September 27th , 2021, and signed by Mayor