Regular Meeting

I. Call to order 6:00 PM.

II. Present Mayor Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Dan Graf, Barb Serfling, and Chris Reed.
Also, present City Administrator Mark Box, Police Chief Brian Castellano, and Fire Chief Jordan Osse.

III. Pledge and Prayer

IV. Minutes After discussion, Pat’s motion, second by Barb, to approve the regular meeting minutes as
written. MCU.

V. Bills After discussion, Pat’s motion, second by Chris, to approve the bills for $646,424.07 and
inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU.

VI. Fire Department The department submitted a written report showing nine calls for the month.
Recruiting is going well. The department has three people currently responding to calls to get a feel for
what they could be signing up for. There are four other applicants and two others who have expressed
interest in the department. There will be a recruiting event on September 14th a 6:00 PM at the fire hall.
The Party in the Park event went well. The fore relief sponsored a 5-K run and a burger stand. The Relief
is also conducting a raffle with a drawing on September 7th at the fire hall at 5:00 PM. There are a few
tickets left.

Jordan has been working with Dave Daigle to come up with a 911anniversery event in Deer River. Grand
Rapids has an event, but it felt that a local event would be appreciated as well.

Jordan said that all of the firefighter's helmets would need to be replaced soon. He is working on getting
quotes and will bring them back to a meeting at a later date. Motion by Dan, second by Pat to approve the
fire department report. MCU.

VII. Police Department The department had 220 calls for the month. This is down from 235 calls last year.
The Durango is back in service.

School activities will be starting up, and Brian asks everyone to pay attention around buses and the
schools. There a several close calls every year due to drivers not paying attention or being in too big of a
hurry to get somewhere.

Brian presented two new recommended policies for the Council to consider adding to the department's list
of policies. After discussion, the Council would like to take a deeper look into each of them.
There have been two thefts of property from unlocked vehicles. One has been solved, and there will be
two individuals charged with felonies. Brian again is asking people to lock up their property. Motion by
Chris, second by Barb to approve the Police report. MCU.

VIII. Administrators Report The Flag pole at the big fish will be going in soon, and the power to the site will
be in before winter. Council asked Mark to check and see if the pole could be in before September 11th .

The big fish is in pretty tough shape. It was scheduled to be patched and painted, and the person doing the
work said the repairs would be too much for his team. It appears the fish had water on the inside of it, and
it froze. When this happened, it broke loose the mortar that was attached to the wire frame. The only thing
holding the shape of the fish now is the fiberglass wrapping. Mark has looked into replacing the fish, and
this would be very expensive. Mark will explore options and bring back an update.

Motion by Dan, second by Pat to approve resolution 2021-26, a resolution accepting a grant from the
Blandin Foundation for $30,000 to be used to remodel the educational building. MCU. Chris wanted to
clarify that the work by the White Oak Tractor Club is not being supported with city taxpayer money. The
city is the fiscal agent for the grant, and no additional money will be going to support the club's activities.
Motion by Chris, second by Dan to approve resolution 2021-27, a resolution accepting a donation from
TC Energy for the walking trail project. MCU

The Tractor Club has asked Mark if their club could use the posts around the old fort structure. They want
to build another building, and they have looked a the post have believe they can repurpose them. Chris
suggested the city put them out on bid to give everyone a chance to get the posts. Pat would like to donate
to the club, and Dan suggested that the city donate them to the club with the stipulation that the entire site
would have to be cleaned up. This was tabled.

Mark suggested uses for the ARP funding the city will be receiving from the county and the State for the
Council to consider. A paved pathway, playground equipment, and water and sewer main extensions were
the main projects. No action was taken.

Mark asked to apply for another Safe Routes to School grant. Mark said that there might be a 20% match
require if we get the grant. The Council agreed to submit another application.

Motion by Pat second by Barb to allow Mark to sign the insurance liability coverage waiver form. MCU.

Motion by Pat, second by Dan, to approve pay request #3 for Ulland Brothers in the amount of

Motion by Pat, second by Chris, approve resolution 2021-28, adding Sarah Nelson and RaeAnne
Lattimore authorized signers on the city's Northview accounts. MCU.

Motion by Pat, second by Chris, to remove Gayle Guthrie as a signer on the Northview accounts. MCU

Motion by Chris, second by Pat to reschedule the August 26th working session meeting and post to hold it
on Monday August 30th at 6:00 PM. MCU.

Mayor Geving asked Mark to look into the AAA Safety grant. He would like to get digital speed signs on
Hwy 2. This grant is available in January. Mark will check into it.

Motion to approve the Administrator's report by Dan, second by Barb. MCU.

IX. Other

X. Adjournment Motion by Pat, second by Dan to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 7:11 PM.
Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.
Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on September 13th , 2021, and signed by Mayor