Regular Meeting



I. Call to order 6:00 PM.


II. Present Council members Pat Richards, Dan Graf, Barb Serfling, and Chris Reed. Mayor Geving was
absent. Also present City Administrator Mark Box and Police Chief Brian Castellano, Fire Chief
Jordan Osse, and Resident Jim Anthony. CEDA representative Sarah Carling attended via Zoom


III. Pledge and Prayer


IV. Minutes After discussion, Barb’s motion, second by Chris, to approve the regular meeting minutes
as amended. MCU.


V. Bills After discussion, Chris’s motion, second by Dan, to approve the bills for $358,329.28 and
inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU.

VI. Engineers Report SEH sent a written report to update the Council of the different projects. The trail
project bid opening will be August 2 and be awarded by the City on August 9 and the county on August

The pond project is progressing with most of the structures completed. The liner for the new pond has not
arrived yet. The DNR has shut down the gravel pit that the contractor is hauling out of. The DNR is not
allowing any gravel to be washed with water coming out of the Mississippi River. The contractor is
looking for a different source.

The south project is waiting for one last change requested by Burlington Northern. After this change, the
project will go out to bid and be awarded in late August or early September, with a completion date of
next summer.

SEH is continuing to work on laying out the city property for potential development. Motion by Chris,
second by Barb to accept the written engineer's report. MCU

VII. Fire Department The department submitted a written report showing nine calls for the month.
Recruiting is going well. The new ad and Facebook campaign seem to be generating some interest.

There is a broken drain pipe under the floor of the women's bathroom. Jordan is getting quotes for the

The A/C unit in the fire department office/kitchen area is leaking freon. Jordan is getting estimates for this

The annual fire, law, and EMS golf tourney is on Wednesday

The Department will be participating in the Party in the Park event. They will be selling burgers and corn
as well as sponsoring a 5K run.

The department is currently running a raffle with the drawing to be held in early September. Motion by
Dan, second by Barb to approve the Fire Department report. MCU


VIII. Police Department The department had 217 calls for the month. This is down from 228 calls last year.
The BCA audit is complete.

The post-board training reimbursement is completed. The City received $10,600.32, which is 100% of
what we submitted.

The Wild Rice Festival was well attended and with very few problems.

The Durango should be back this week.

Officer Johnson will be participating in the Party in the Park event. He has entered the pie-eating contest
and challenges anyone to compete against him.

The Enterprise car leasing program will not work for a city our size. They require a 20-car minimum to
participate in their program. Motion by Chris, second by Barb to approve the police report. MCU

IV. Administrator's Report The Sportsman Club has applied for their annual big buck raffle.

The Wagon Wheel Bar is asking to have lawful gambling sponsored by the Grand Rapids Amateur
Hockey Association in their establishment. Motion by Chris, second by Dan, allows the GRAHA to have
lawful gambling in the Wagon Wheel Bar. MCU.

Motion by Dan, Second by Barb to approve resolution 2021-22, accepting donation for the bike rodeo for
$ 1,760.00. MCU

Mark asked if the Council wanted to set any additional budget meeting dates. Mark gave an overview of
what the budget may look like for 2022. Our biggest challenge will be to decide on how to cash flow the
water and sewer departments. With the additional debt taken on, we will have to adjust our utility rates or
levy for extra dollars to make the increased debt payments.

The City was successful with a grant from the Blandin Foundation for $ 30,000. This will be to help the
White Oak Tractor Club fund the remodel of the Educational Center building. Motion to approve the
Administrator's report by Dan, second by Chris. MCU.

X. Other  Sarah Carling went over some information for the federal rescue grant money that the county will
be granting out. Mark will work with Sarah to apply for the funds.

There is also grant money to apply for from the county from their Tourism and Economic Development
(TED) dollars. This is one-time money with grants from $5,000 to $20,000. Mark will work with Sarah to
apply for these funds. After discussion, the Council thanked Sarah for the information.


XI. Adjournment Motion by Barb, second by Dan to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:48 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.

Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on August 9, 2021, and signed by Mayor Geving.