Regular Meeting



I. Call to order 6:00 PM.


II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Dan Graf, Barb Serfling. Chris Reed
attended via Zoom Meeting. Also present, City Administrator Mark Box and Police Chief Brian
Castellano. Engineer Bob Beaver attended via Zoom Meeting.


III. Pledge and Prayer


IV. Minutes After discussion, Pat’s motion, second by Barb, to approve the regular meeting minutes as
amended. Roll call vote carried unanimously. Motion by Pat second by Dan to approve the May
13th working session minutes meeting minutes as amended.


V. Bills After discussion, Chris’s motion, second by Pat, to approve the bills for $23,446.00 and inter-
fund loans to cover negative fund balances. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

VI. Engineers Report The south end project plans have been revised and sent back to Rural Development for
approval. Bob indicated that we are going to have the competition date of August 2022.

The walking/bike path plans have been submitted to MnDOT for approval. We need to have a signed
agreement by July 1st . Advertising and awarding the project will happen very fast once approved.
The pond project has started with some tree clearing and stump removals. The activity should increase a
lot by next week.

Bob asked to be able to start looking at next year's projects. He would like to get the planning and design
completed to have an early bid letting for 2022. The Council agreed and said to proceed with the design.

VII. Fire Department The department submitted a written report showing eight calls for the month.
The department has a live burn scheduled for June 19th . This will get the last of the requirements
completed for the rookies.

Recruiting efforts continue, and the department is gathering information from our auditors regarding
retirement dollar amounts.

The department is considering have a booth at a couple of community events this summer. Motion by
Chris, second by Pat to accept the written fire department report.


VIII. Police Department The department had 218 calls for the month. This is up from 138 calls last year. The
part-time officers are ready for duty shifts. Officer Krall will need to work on our computer system to be
fully prepared.

The Keewatin Police department donated nine sets of riot gear, including gas masks. Thank you to Chief

Blight issues are being worked on.

Schools will be out soon, so more kids will be out and about, so drive carefully. Motion to approve the
police report by Pat, second by Barb. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

IV. Administrator's Report Mark asked for resolution 2021-15 to be approved. Motion by Pat, second by
Chris to approve resolution 2021-15, a resolution sponsoring the Blueberry Nordic ski trails. Roll call
vote carried unanimously.

Mark presented the Safe Route to School agreement for signature. Motion by Pat second by Barb to allow
the Mayor to sign the agreement. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

The Brown Field Clean-up grants will be closed soon. Deer River Development is working with three
potential groups to develop a portion of the property. Motion by Dan, second by Pat to approve the
Administrators report. Roll call vote carried unanimously.

X. Other  Chris asked about the bike patrol. Brain talked with Mike, and they felt that Mike would not patrol
this summer with today's climate. Brian will still have Mike do the Bike Rodeo during the Rice Festival.


XI. Adjournment Motion by Dan, second by Barb to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:41 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.

Minutes approved at the regular City Council meeting on June 14th , 2021,, and signed by Mayor Geving.