Regular Meeting



I. Call to order 6:00 PM.


II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, council members Pat Richards, Barb Serfling, and Dan Graf. Absent Chris Reed. Also present, City Administrator Mark Box, Police Chief Brian Castellano, City Engineer Bob Beaver, and CEDA representative Sarah Carling. Nobody attended via Zoom Meeting.


III. Pledge and Prayer


IV. Minutes After discussion, Pat’s motion, second by Barb, to approve the regular meeting minutes as amended written. MCU Motion by Pat second by Dan to approve the working session meeting minutes as amended.


V. Bills After discussion, Pat’s motion, second by Barb, to approve the bills for $242,677.50 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU


VI. City Engineer Bob Beaver gave an update on the pond project, the south infrastructure, and the walking trail project. All three are slated to be bid and built-in 2021.

Bob presented an engineering agreement for 2021. The agreement shows a small increase in some of the fees, and those fees are locked for two years. Mayor Geving appointed SEH as the city engineer for 2021. Motion by Pat second by Barb to approve the Mayor's appointment.


VII. Public Works Report Rick gave an update on what the guys have been working on and thanked the Council for allowing the department to purchase the skid loader's plow blade.

The rink is opened, and a second rink attendant has been hired. Mark asked the Council to affirm the hiring of the new rink employee. Motion by Pat, second by Barb to hire Allen Graf for the rink attendant for 2021. Motion Carried. Dan abstained.

Steve continues to work on the mapping and website. This will be an ongoing process with the number of projects we are doing.

Lift Station #8 had a leak in the dry well pit. Some of the hardware was mild steel and rusted off.

Rick is still working on getting information on skid loaders and the dump truck.

We will be opening bids for the pond project on the 20th of this month. Motion by Pat, second by Dan to approve the Public Works report. MCU


VIII. Sara Carling updated the Council on the latest small business grants and loan opportunities. She said the State has some guidelines that the businesses have to meet before they qualify for the grant dollars. IEDC is working closely with Itasca County, and if there are businesses that need help, they can contact IEDC or Sarah directly.


IX. Administrator Report Mayor Geving made the 2021 appointments. Department liaisons, Fire Department, Dan Graf, Police Department, Barb Serfling, Administrative Office/ License Bureau, Pat Richards, Public Works, Chris Reed. Named the Grand Rapids Herald-Review as the City's official newspaper. Financial institutions, Northview Bank Deer River, Woodland Bank Deer River, Deer River Credit Union, League of Minnesota Cities 4-M Fund, and Northland Securities. Meeting Dates, unless otherwise posted, will be the second and fourth Mondays at 6:00 PM. Work sessions will be held on the second and fourth Thursdays at 4:00 PM except for November, which will be held on Tuesdays. Civil Defense director, Steve Jurvelin, City Attorney, Shaw Law Office, City personal Attorney, John Licke, City Engineer, SEH. Planning Commission for a two-year term. Wade Reed, Alan Wilhelm, Fran Nason, and Tim Swanson. City Administrator and Zoning official, Mark Box. Building Inspector, Murray Ward, Deputy Clerk/Deputy Registrar, Gayle Guthrie, Police Chief Brian Castellano, and City Forester John Tornes. Personnel Committee, Chris Reed and Barb Serfling, Ordinance Committee Pat Richards and Dan Graf, Blight Committee, Dan Graf, and Pat Richards. Motion by Pat, second by Dan, to approve the appointments. MCU

After reviewing the fees and fines rates, motion by Pat, second by Barb to approve the fees and fines rate schedule as presented with no changes. MCU

Motion by Dan, second by Pat to appoint the Sterle & Co. as the City’s auditors for 2021 and to allow the Mayor and Administrator to sign the engagement letter. MCU

Motion by Pat, second by Dan to approve resolution 2021-01 a resolution extending the franchise agreement with Paul Bunyan Communications for five years. MCU

Motion by Barb, second by Dan to approve resolution 2021-02 a resolution excepting a donation of $100.00 from Morris and Sherry Beighley for the police department to help with the purchase of a dash camera. MCU

Motion by Barb, second by Pat to approve resolution 2021-03. A resolution excepting a donation from the Itasca County Fire Chiefs Association for the fire department in the amount of $3,018.20 to be used for the purchase of equipment. MCU Mark explained that this money originates from the Grand Rapids Eagles Club, which is donated to the Fire Chiefs Association, and they distribute it to the individual departments.

Brian had a joint power agreement with the BCA, which needs to be renewed. The agreement is for five years. Motion by Barb, second by Dan, allows the Mayor and Chief to sign the State of Minnesota Joint Powers Agreement Authorized Agency. MCU Motion by Barb, second by Dan to allow the Mayor and Police Chief to sign the Court Data Service Subscriber Amendment to the CJDN Subscriber Agreement. MCU Motion by Barb, second by Dan to approve Resolution 2021-04. A resolution approving State of Minnesota Joint Powers Agreement with the City of Deer River on behalf of its city attorney and its police department. MCU

The working session will be on Thursday at 4:00 PM.

Mark said we are ready to proceed with entering into an agreement with Municode to have them convert and publish the City's ordinances. Mark recommended using the full-service quote vs. the self-publishing quote. The cost will be $1000 to convert and $495 annually for their service. The agreement will be committing to 3 years, and after, the agreement will be renewed annually. We can add other services if needed in the future. Motion by Barb, second by Pat, accepts the quote with Municode to have the city ordinances converted and published on our website. MCU Motion by Dan, second by Pat to approve the Administrators report. MCU

X. Other Brian said the Tahoe is scheduled to have the last of the equipment installed in a couple of weeks, and then it will be ready to put into service.



XI. Adjournment Motion by Pat, second by Dan to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:54 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.





Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on January 25th, 2021, and signed by Mayor Geving.