Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order 6:00 P.M.


II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Wade Reed, and Chris Reed and Barb Serfling. Also, present Administrator Mark Box, Public Work Foreman Jason Lundquist, Police Chief Tammy Perry, and Reporters Patty Pfeiffer.


III. Pledge


IV. Minutes Motion by Pat, second by Chris to approve the minutes of the October 23rd, meeting, as amended. MCU


V. Bills After discussion, motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve the bills in the amount of $60,072.00 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU


VI. City Attorney Not present


VII. City Engineer Not present.


VIII. Public Works Jason brought back information about grants for the sweeper. The City doesn’t qualify because we don’t have a storm sewer assessment. Jason said that he was not aware of any other grants to apply for.


Mark and Jason reviewed the phase one Well Head Protection Plan report and there will be no other action required by the City. Jason explained the location of our wells and our soil types are the main reasons the water reservoirs are protected and tested the way they tested.


Jason rented a dozer to shape up the sliding hill and he will open it after the hunting season.


Jason asked for permission to hire Nick Mann and Josh Erickson for this year’s rink attendants. Motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve their hire for the 2017/2018 rink season. MCU

Motion by Wade, second by Pat to approve the Public Works report. MCU


IX. Administrator Mark asked for the approval of resolution 2017-37. Motion by Chris second by Barb to approve resolution 2017-37, a resolution accepting a donation of $1,500.00 from the Deer River Lions Club for the Fire Department. MCU


Mark informed the Council that the City received the safety grant we applied for but it was not in the amount we thought we would receive. The grant program was underfunded this year and they were unable to do a one-to-one match. The City will receive $4,000.00 if we spend $8,000.00. Mark said the piece of equipment we would like to purchase will cost just over $10,000 so the City will be paying more than the one-to-one. Motion by Wade, second by Chris to move forward with the purchase of a truck mounted lift crane. MCU


Mark gave an update on the walking trail project and said the group is working on securing the additional funding that will be needed for the 2021 project.


Mark and Jason met with SEH engineer Allie Jurvelin to talk over the 2018 project. Mark also explained to the Council if the City moves forward with the project before the Rural Development grant process is complete, this project will not be grant eligible. Mark explained we can still set it up to be rolled into the total dollars of the project to take advantage of the lowest interest rates possible. Council was aware and still wants to move forward. Mark said that SEH will have cost estimates at the next meeting.


Mark asked to move forward with a new service from our software company which would eliminate system updating problems and it would also have off-site storage and backups for the City’s business system. After discussion motion by Chris, second by Wade to move forward with the latest system grade. Mayor Geving asked if Mark can get information from others using the service. Mark will contact United Sytems Technology Incorporated (USTI) and get the information.


Mark has asked for a meeting with Representative Layman, Representative Bliss and Senator Eichorn to bring them up to speed on this year's bonding request. SEH’s Mike Larson and Cal Sari the City’s lobbyist will also be part of the discussion. Mark said Representative Layman is setting up the meeting and it will take place prior to the 2018 session starting.

Mark was also contacted by former Senator Tom Saxhaug who offered to contact Mitch Berggren his former bonding specialist that he worked with at the capital. Mark has set up a time to call and talk with Mitch and see what he has to offer.


Motion by Chris, second by Barb to approve the September bank reconciliation. MCU


Mark said he has been asked to sit on a committee with the League of Minnesota Cities. The committee meets four times a year and discusses cities concerns and needs. This committee then brings recommendations to the League’s lobbying group and they will then set their agenda for the legislative session. Motion by Pat, second by Chris to allow Mark to be on this committee, be reimbursed for meals, mileage and cover the cost of attending the meetings. MCU


Mark asked if the Council would authorize an open house for the License Bureau this year. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to allow the open house and to spend up to $100.00. MCU


Mark passed out information from an engineering firm and what types of services they provide. The firm stopped by and dropped off their information to share with the Council.


X. Other Business


XI. Adjournment Motion by Wade, second by Chris to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM.



Respectfully submitted by, Mark Box City Administrator.


Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on November 27th, and signed by Mayor Geving.



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