Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order 6:00 P.M.

II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Barb Serfling. Chris Reed and Wade
Reed. Also, present Administrator Mark Box, Police Officer Brain Castellano, Public Works Foremen
Jason Lundquist, and reporter Patty Pfeiffer.

III. Pledge

IV. Minutes Motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve the minutes of the October 22nd , regular meeting as amended. MCU


Motion by Pat, second by Barb to approve the October 23rd , working session minutes as amended. MCU

V. Bills After discussion, motion by Pat, second by Chris to approve the bills in the amount of
$70,669.84 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU

VI. City Attorney Andy was not present.

VII. Engineers Report Allie Jurvelin was not present but had an emailed reply to Chris’s emailed
question about the south end project. Chris had asked what the penalties will be to T-N-T
Construction for not completing the project by the contracted end date. Allie gave an overview of
how the summer project laid out showing what the different sub-contractors did and when it was
done. Council was fine with the overview but felt that the contractor is responsible for seeing that
their sub-contractors get the work done as scheduled. After discussion, it was decided to meet with
the City Engineer at the next working session to talk about the possibility of asking for liquidated

VIII. Public Works Report Jason gave an overview of a review of the city parks that was conducted
by the League of Minnesota Cities Loss Control Department. The League conducts an insight
review annually to look at different areas or items to prevent work time loss or insurance liability
claims. This year it was parks and ADA accessibility. Overall our parks are in good shape but there
were some suggestions on how to approve some areas. Lions Park should have more wood chips
added, a pathway to the portable toilet and a handicap toilet should be placed there. In addition,
there were a couple of pieces of equipment that have the potential for pinching fingers. Moose
beach had no suggestions for changes. The ball fields were discussed and signage and a paved
pathway to the new location of the pavilion will be needed.

Jason had quotes for the repairs to Dodge pickup with Olson Autobody returning the lowest quote.
Motion by Wade, second by Pat to have the repairs completed by Olson Autobody. MCU Motion
by Chris, second by Wade to approve the Public Works report. MCU

IX. Administrators Report Mark presented the general election results for consideration to approve.
Motion by Chris, second by Wade to approve the 2018 general election results for the City of Deer
River. MCU

Mark informed the Council that the Chamber has agreed to purchase 12 flower baskets with liners and
hangers. Mark asked if the Council would agree to cover the cost of the additional flowers. Council
agreed to the additional cost of the flowers.

Mark updated information on the Relay of Voices group that will be in Deer River next summer. They
will be in Deer River on July 14 th . They are looking for individuals who would be willing to spend an
afternoon with each group member to learn the history of the Mississippi River and Deer River. In
addition, they will need help with boarding and meals. Mark has met with the Chamber to seek their
help with these needs.

Mark was asked if the City would have a discussion on making the tobacco license in the City of Deer
River state, to purchase, persons must be 21. Council felt strongly that they would not support this idea.
Mark has been in contact with BNSF Railroad in Texas. Mark sent picture's of our two crossing to
show their condition and has asked that they are replaced. Mark received a reply and the Texas
department has assigned this to a Minnesota Department. Mark has not heard from the Minnesota office
yet. Mark will keep the council updated.

Mark asked for approval to have Andy look into the statute for naming a local newspaper. With the
paper in Deer River closing at the end of December the City will need to have a plan. Mark brought up
possibly purchasing a message board that can be mounted on the outside of City Hall. Council agreed to
have Andy look into the City’s options.

Motion by Chris, second by Wade to approve the September bank reconciliation. MCU

Mark let the Council know that he will be meeting with USDA Rural Development to discuss the City’s
grant application and our specific needs. The application has been submitted and is under review.

XV. Other

XVI. Adjournment Motion by Chris, second by Wade to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.


Respectfully submitted by, Mark Box City Administrator.



Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on November 26th , and signed by Mayor Geving




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