Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order 6:00 P.M.

II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Chris Reed and Wade Reed. Absent
Barb Serfling. Also, present Administrator Mark Box, Public Works Foremen Jason Lundquist,
Engineer Allie Jurvelin, resident Sharon Geving and reporter Patty Pfeifer.

III. Pledge

IV. Minutes Motion by Chris, second by Pat to approve the minutes of the May 29 th , regular meeting as
amended. MCU

V. Bills After discussion, motion by Chris, second by Wade to approve the bills in the amount of
$359,964.51 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU

VI. City Attorney Andy was not present.

VII. Engineers report Allie gave an update on the two projects that are going or soon to be going. Allie
had two pay estimates for the Council to approve. South project payment is for materials that have
been delivered to the sight. This amount is $83,796.62. and the North project amount is $64,760.79
for materials and labor. Motion by Wade second by Chris to approve the two payments to TNT
Aggregates. MCU After answering the questions about the two projects, motion by Chris, second
by Wade to approve the Engineers report. MCU

VIII. Public Works Report Jason reported on Moose Beach, he had to order new dock sections. Jason
said the dock is over 15 years old and the sections are getting brittle. The State of Minnesota has
noted on their report that the water well is to close to the bathroom. Jason explained that the
bathroom unit is a sealed unit so nothing gets into the ground. Jason will contact the State and see
what the options are. If we have to move the bathroom Jason suggested that we place portable
bathrooms there.

The guys will be moving the pavilion this week in preparation of the new ball field fence getting

Grass notices have gone out and most are complying. There are a couple that Jason and Tammy
will have to visit again.

The first pond discharge is complete and the transfer is complete and the second discharge will
start soon.

Jason met with Minnesota Power and the south end street light replacement will be starting soon.
Jason suggested that they start prior to the construction starting. Jason also said that the price will
be less than estimated because of another year’s depreciation. Council talked about possibly adding
lights in some areas. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to approve the Public Works report. MCU

IX. Administrators Report Mark has met with a couple chamber members to see if they would participate in purchasing banners for Main Ave. The Chamber has approved up to $1500.00 to help with the purchase. Mark said the cost is going to be around $2,700.00. Motion by Wade, second by Pat to
purchase banners and cost to come from the forestry fund. MCU

Mark asked for permission to sign the Associate agreement with AT Group who is managing our new
health insurance. Mark had Andy read the agreement and he said it was ok. Motion by Wade, second by
Chris to allow Mark to sign the agreement. MCU

Mark informed the Council that MDI will be pulling the recycle bins from Deer River unless the City
has a place to put them. They are trying to sell their property and feel it would be more sellable without
the bins there. Mark has talked with American disposal and they may have a pickup program for the
residents of Deer River. Chris asked if MDI would consider having a pickup day similar to what they
have in Grand Rapids. Mark will contact MDI and see if this is a possibility.

Mark presented resolution 2018-22, a resolution authorizing ACH transfers. Motion by Pat, second by
Wade to approve resolution 2018-22. MCU

Mark presented resolution 2018-23 a resolution supporting the cross-country ski trails. Mark said this is
an annual resolution for the State of Minnesota. Motion by Wade, second by Chris to approve
resolution 2018-23. MCU

The City received a letter from the Arrowhead Pro-Care group which said the City must participate in
paying back Itasca County for the funds that were used to cover costs over the last 6 months. Mark
talked with Itasca County Auditor Jeff Walker and as of right now our estimated payback is just under
16,000. This doesn’t account for any outstanding claims to Pro-Care that are submitted later than July
1st. For these additional costs, there is no way to know what the amount will be.

Mark met with the engineers and Rep. Layman to talk about how the City moves forward on finding
funding to help with the cost of the additional projects we have to do. Mark and Mike Larson will meet
with Jeff Freeman who is the head of PFA (Public Facilities Authority) to talk about the best options for
the city moving forward.

XII. Other 

XIII. Adjournment Motion by Wade, second by Chris to adjourn. MCU. Meeting adjourned at 6:47 PM.


Respectfully submitted by, Mark Box City Administrator.



Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on June 25 th , 2018 and signed by Mayor Geving




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