Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order 6:38 P.M.


II. Present Mayor Steve Geving, Council members Pat Richards, Barb Serfling, and Wade Reed. Also, present Administrator Mark Box, Police Chief Tammy Perry, Fire Chief Steve Jurvelin, Public Works Foremen Jason Lundquist, City Attorney Andy Shaw, City Engineer’s Bob Beaver and Allie Jurvelin, Lions Club members Dave Sorenson and Norman Styers and reporter Patty Pfeiffer.


III. Pledge


IV. Minutes Motion by Pat, second by Barb to approve the minutes of the February 12th , regular meeting as amended. MCU Motion by Barb, second by Wade to approve the February 13th , working session minutes as Amended. MCU


V. Bills After discussion, motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve the bills in the amount of
$114,551.78 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU


VI. City Attorney Andy said that resolution 2018-4 an amendment to the assessment ordinance has
met the posting requirements and asked for the Council to approve the amended changes. Motion
by Barb, second by Wade to approve resolution2018-04. MCU

Resolution 2018-08 has met its posting requirements and is ready for approval. Motion by Wade,
second by Barb to approve resolution 2018-08, a resolution amending the Minnesota Power
Franchise agreement. MCU.

The use agreement has been approved by the School Board and is now ready for the Council
approval. Motion by Wade, 2 nd by Pat to allow the Mayor to sign the Land Use Agreement between
the City and ISD 317 for the use of the City ball fields. MCU Motion by Barb, second by Pat to
approve the Attorney’s report. MCU

VII. Fire Report Steve reported on ten calls for the month.

Steve introduced new hire Thomas Borash to the Council. Thomas is fully trained and ready to go.
The Fire department will be meeting with a fire truck company to start designing a new tanker. The
plan is to try to purchase in 2019.

There will be several members going to fire training schools and one will be starting his firefighter
entry-level courses. All of these training will be held in March.

Steve reported on a $100.00 donation from Larry Ammann.

Mayor Geving asked if there were any more training sponsored by Burlington Northern. Steve ahs
do not see anything. Motion by Wade, second by Barb to approve the Fire Department report.

VIII. Police Report Tammy reported on 114 calls for the month which compared to last year is down
slightly. Tammy will have the new hires attend the next meeting to introduce them to the full Council. Motion by Wade, second by Barb to approve the Police report. MCU

IX. Public Works Report Jason explained that there have been a few reports of rust colored water
around town. Jason explained that this is due to the frost moving the water mains and by running
the water it should clear up. Jason also reported that the frost is starting to get to the level of some
water lines and that people should start monitoring their water temperature and possibly let their
water run.

The crew continues to deal with the snow that is piling up and are working the get all areas widened back out before the next round of snow. They are also working to open up the storm drains so the water runoff has a place to go.

Jason has learned that the new pond sites groundwater will have to be monitored starting this spring and continue until freeze up next fall. This is to establish a baseline to show what the different levels were prior to a pond being installed. Jason pointed out that this will be an added expense to the budget.

The crew will be attending some training in March. One will be in Hibbing and one will be in Bemidji. Motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve the Public Works Report. MCU


X. City Engineer Bob gave an overview on all of the activities that SEH is working on for the City.
The plan is to bid out the south end project and the north sewer extension project in March to have
the construction ready to go when the frost is out.

Bob asked for resolution 2018-10 to be approved. This is a resolution authorizing the plans and
specification for the south end project. Motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve resolution 2018-
10. MCU

XI. Administrators Report Mark asked the Council to start thinking about the length of time they are
going to allow for a payback on any assessments for the 2018 south end project. After discussion, the
council tabled this until they have an idea of the interest rates.

Mark asked how the Council felt about allowing Super One Foods to make payments by direct deposits.
Mark explained that the city has only three agencies making a payment this way and the council has
authorized each of them to do so. Motion by Wade, second by Pat to allow Super One Foods to make
electronic payments. MCU

Mark presented resolution 2018-11 a resolution accepting a donation to the fire department. Motion by
Wade, second by Barb to approve resolution 2018-11 accepting a $100.00 donation from Larry
Ammann for the fire department. MCU

Mark reminded the council of a working session on Tuesday, February 27 th at 4:0 PM. George Eilertson
from Northland Securities will be there to go over the different funding options. For all of the 2018
funding needs.

Mark had information on the City ‘s Bonding Bill. On the House side, it is bill number HF- 2866.
Mark said if the council wanted to follow this bill they can go to the legislative web page. Also, on
February 28 th the State will release the budget forecast and this will give the legislators a financial
picture moving forward in the legislative session. Motion by Barb, second by Wade to approve the
Administrators report.


XII. Other Dave Sorenson and Norman Styers were present to ask if the council would consider allowing
them to set up the flea market on 1 st Ave Ne again this year. Dave asked if the city received any
negative feedback from last year and the overall feedback was all positive. After discussion, motion by
Pat, second by Wade to allow the Wild Rice Festival flea market to be set up on 1 st Ave Ne annually
starting in July 2018. MCU Lions Club will get notifications out to the Churches to allow them to make
plans for this change.


Respectfully submitted by, Mark Box City Administrator.



Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on March 12th , and signed by Mayor Geving




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