Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes



I) Present  Mayor Geving, Council members Chris Reed, Pat Richards, Wade Reed and Barb Serfling. Also present Administrator Mark Box, Public Works Foreman Jason Lundquist, Police Chief Tammy Perry, and reporter Louise McGregor.


II) Call to Order  Meeting called to order at 6:08 PM


III) Pledge

IV) Minutes Motion by Pat, second by Chris to approve the minutes of August 22nd, meeting as amended. MCU


V) Bills After discussion, motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve bills in the amount of $60,019.74 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU

VI) City Attorney Chris talked with Andy who advised the Council they should let the Fire Chief determine a policy that covers response times variances. Mayor Geving said he would like to see this type of policy in writing as part of the Fire Department By-Laws. Mark will talk with the fire chief.


Andy is still working on the ATV ordinance. He will bring back at a later date.

VII) Public Works Jason brought three estimates to clean the storm drain ditch along 4th Ave NW. The lowest estimate was the one Jason wrote. Jason felt that the public works department could do this section of ditch in less time and for less money than the two contractors that returned estimates. Jason also said there was no guarantee that they could do this work this fall and the work needs to be done now. After some discussion motion by Pat, second by Chris to allow the public works crew to do the work themselves.


The patching is just about done for the year. Jason has had to work around the hot mix plants schedule so it has taken a bit longer than he was planning.


Sidewalk project is moving along. Mayor Geving asked when they were going to have 1st NE completed. Mark talked with the engineers last week and they said it will be done by the end of this week.


Jason thanked the Council for getting the grass clipping ordinance completed. It has really made a noticeable difference for street cleaning and storm sewer grates not plugging after rain storms.


The fall project will be starting, public works will be starting storm sewer flushing and hydrant flushing. Water tower maintenance and waste water ponds fall discharge. They will also be doing all of the fall equipment maintenance.


Mayor Geving asked for a project list from the public works department that listed the next years projected projects. Motion by Wade, second by Barb to approve the Public Works report. MC


VIII) Administrator Report Mark presented resolution 2016-25 a resolution increasing the Fire Relief Associations retirement to a sum of 2,200.00 per year of service. Motion by Pat second by Barb approve resolution 2016-25.


Itasca County Firewise is asking the City for a donation of $2,000.00. With all the extra clearing and hauling they are running short on money for the remainder of the year. Mark said we could take out of the Forestry Fund. Mark will also be meeting with FEMA in regards to reimbursement for the July 5th storm so there may be money available there. Motion by Chris, second by Pat to send The Itasca County Firewise program $2,000.00 to offset cost encured on the July 5th 2016 storm. MCU


Mark presented an overview of what the Planning Commission has for a recommendation for Zoning additions and changes for the City. The area known as the old ball field property north of White Oak Inn was the topic of the main discussion. The plan changes on how the property would be zoned and also would have some covenants on each lot, such as building type, size, color and time in which the buyer would have to construct a building. Chris had information he shared on the possibility of having a developer or developers make proposals to build a senior housing facility. Council felt this would be a good place to start and Chris will get information on this. Overall the Council liked the Planning Commission’s recommendations. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to add and change the zoning for the City as the Planning Commission recommended. MCU


Mark asked for permission to move the pavilion to the new location. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to move the pavilion to the ball field sight. MCU


Mark is applying for a grant for the Fire Department and asked the Council to allow the Mayor to sign a letter of support. Motion by Chris, second by Pat to allow the Mayor to sign the letter of support. MCU


Motion by Barb, second by Chris to keep the Board of equalization under the City’s control. MCU


Mark asked for approval on a limited English Speaking plan. This is a requirement of the USDA Rural Development. Motion by Chris, second by Pat to approve the Limited English Speaking plan. MCU


Mark asked the Council to approve not waiving the liability waiver form. Motion by Chris, second by Barb to not waive the monetary limits on tort liability. MCU


There is a resident that passed away and has a water shut off fee of 100.00 applied to the account. Mark explained the resident was in the hospital one month and the next month passed away. The family is asking that the 100.00 fee to be waived. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to remove the shut off fee on the account. MCU


Mark has been contacted by the City of Kellogg about the possibility of having some of our extra Christmas lights donated to them. The City is receiving all new ones and we would have more lights than poles if we don’t get rid of some. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to donate 10 Lights to the City of Kellogg, MN. MCU

IX) Other Mayor Geving suggested to the Council to plan on adding sidewalks to the south end on town. Mayor Geving would like to finish 5th street and complete a sidewalk from 4th St SE & 4th Ave SE and tie into the sidewalk on 2nd St SE at 3rd Ave SE.


Barb asked if there was a need to replace the utilities under 4th St SE between 5th and 6th Ave SE. Jason said the water main would need to be replaced.


Mayor Geving asked Mark to contact the businesses and see if they would be open to allowing shoppers in town to use their parking lots to shop throughout the City next summer during the construction on Hwy 2.


Council would like to meet one last time before approving the proposed budget. A budget meeting was set for Thursday September 22nd at 5:00 PM. Mark will post the meeting.


Jason asked the Council if they would meet with the union for contract negotiations. The employee committee will meet with them on September 29th at 5:00 PM.

X) Adjournment   Motion by Wade, second by Chris to adjourn. MCU Meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM


Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.


Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on September 26th, 2016 and signed by Mayor Geving.




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