Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes



I) Present  Mayor Geving, Council members Chris Reed, Wade Reed and Barb Serfling and Pat Richards. Also present Administrator Mark Box, Police Chief Tammy Perry, Fire Chief Steve Jurvelin, ISD 317 Coalition managers Heather Schjenken and Heather Collinge and reporter Louise McGregor.


II) Call to Order  Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM


III) Pledge


IV) Minutes Motion by Pat, second by Wade to approve the minutes of April 11th , meeting as amended. MCU


V) Bills After discussion motion by Pat, second by Chris to approve bills in the amount of $92,159.80 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU


VI) City Attorney  Andy was not present.


VII) Police Report  Tammy reported on 148 calls for the month of March. Calls are still up overall for the year.


D.A.R.E. has finished for the year. The kids will be traveling to the Twins game on Sunday May 1st to close out the year.


The Vet Clinic was held on April 21st and there were 72 vehicles that came through many of them had more than one pet.


The Department will be finishing up on some trainings this month and then be gearing up for our summer traffic.


Wade asked if the department needed to purchase any animal traps. Tammy said she has made arrangements to borrow traps.


Motion by Chris, second by Barb to approve the Police department report. MCU


VIII) Fire Report Steve reported on 17 calls for the month March. Most of the calls have been grass fires.


The Fire Department participated in the annual spring cleanup on April 19th.


The Department will be holding a recruitment night on April 26, 2016 at the fire hall. This is for people to gather information about the department without having to make a commitment.


The fire school from Virginia will be doing a live burn in Deer River on May 8th. They will be burning a house located on 8th Ave NW. Our department will be supplying one pumper truck and the City of Cohasset will supply one pumper truck. We will have 3 firefighters taking part in the burn.


Steve asked if the Council would allow the City to advertise to have a sale of excess property. The Fire Department has a few things they need to sell and there are other departments that may also need to clean up a few things. Motion by Wade, second by Chris to allow the City to advertise a sale of excess property. MCU


Motion by Chris, second by Wade to approve the Fire Department report. MCU


IX) Administrator Report Mark reminded the Council of the Board of Review meeting on May 5th. Mark will be at the Clerks Institute that week. Mark asked if there was any information the Council needed before the meeting.

After discussion, motion by Wade, second by Chris to approve the March Bank Reconciliation and the March Fund Balance report. MCU


The STEP Coalition was present to give their annual update to the Council. This is the last year of their grant and it will be closed out in June. The goal of this program was to reduce the number of teenagers drinking and to delay the time in which teenagers try alcohol. The data shows that these outcomes have been met. The group will be hosting an after prom party again this year. This has been a big success in the past years and because of that and other programs the coalition has developed the Deer River program is having a film made about them and their successes.


They have written for and received a Drug Free Community grant. This grant will be funded for five years and will focus on drug and tobacco use. The Council thanked the group for their efforts and for the update.


Mark had information for the Council on an ATM. Mark has been looking for a company that would work best for the City. Mark said that we have three options. Option one is to just have the machine in our building. We would not own, service or tie up any of our money. Option two, the City would use their money and fill the machine and the company would own the machine and do the servicing. Option three, the City would purchase the machine use their money, fill and maintain the machine. Each option had a different percentage the City would receive for the convenience fee. After discussion the Council liked the option one. They felt that this was more of a service for our customers and we would not have any more overhead. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to go with option one which would have an ATM placed in the City building but not own it. MCU


Mark gave the results from the MPCA on the testing they did on and around the public works building last summer. The City has no contaminates that are above the limits and the case has been closed.


Mark asked approval to sign resolution 2016-11. This is a resolution for the Safe Routes to School project saying that the City has seen all of the plans for the project. This is another requirement by the State of Minnesota who the grant is being funded through. Motion by Pat, second by Chris to allow Mark to sign resolution 2016-11. MCU


The worker compensation policy is up for renewal and Mark asked the Council which option they would like to go with. Mark recommended the regular premium option. This is what the City has chosen for many years and to pick any of the other options the City would have a deductible and the upfront savings does not make sense for our City. Motion by Wade, second by Barb to select the regular premium option for the worker compensation insurance for the 2016-2017 year. MCU


Hired hands will be moving to Cohasset in May. They are no longer picking up glass as part of their recycling operations. Council asked if the they would be staffing the Deer River location. Mark will contact Hired hands and get more information.


Mark asked if the Council would like to start working on his contract. Mark said he would like to try to have all the contracts done by budget time. Council asked Mark to contact the union and see when they will be ready to meet.


Barb asked to set up a working session with the full Council to go over some of the recommended ordinance changes that she and Wade have been working on. Meeting was set up for May 5th at 3:00 PM.


Mayor Geving asked what is the status of a house on 4th St SE that is a blight problem. The yard is full of house trash and the animals are getting into it. The owner of the home is in jail and the person who holds the contract is in the process of getting the home back. Mayor Geving said we cannot wait until the courts get through their process before we get it cleaned up. Motion by Chris, second by Barb to have the yard cleaned up and to file the charges with Itasca county. MCU



X) Adjournment  Motion by Chris, second by Wade to adjourn. MCU Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM



Respectfully submitted by Mark Box City Clerk/Treasurer


Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting May 9th, 2016 and signed by Mayor Geving



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