Deer River City Council Minutes


    a) Regular Meeting Minutes



I. Call to order 6:00 P.M.


II. Present Mayor Geving, Council members Chris Reed, Pat Richards, Barb Serfling and Wade Reed. Also, present Administrator Mark Box, Public Works Foreman Jason Lundquist, City Attorney John Licke and reporter Louise McGregor.


III. Pledge


IV. Oath of Office Steve Geving, Mayor, Chris Reed, Council, Pat Richards, Council.


V. Minutes Motion by Chris, second by Pat to approve the minutes of December 27th, meeting as amended. MCU


VI. Bills After discussion, motion by Chris, second by Pat to approve bills in the amount of $102,377.48 and inter-fund loans to cover negative fund balances. MCU


VII. City Attorney Did not attend.


VIII. Engineer Bob Beaver informed the Council the city has made it to step two in the application process with Rural Development and that there will be a meeting on the 19th to discuss the next action to be taken.


Hwy 2 planning is continuing, the temporary easements should be finished up this week and ready for signatures. The project will be ready for bids around February. The City will have to think about how they want to set up repayment for the money we borrow. Bob said we have still not heard from DEED on the submitted application. Mark shared that the Governor has released a bonding bill proposal which still has the extra money specifically for water and waste water projects. This is the money the city needs in order to get the funding for their grant application. Motion by Wade, second by Chris to approve the engineers report.


Bob had a request to be reappointed as the City Engineer. There were no changes in the fees for service. Motion by Chris, second by Wade to reappoint SEH as the City Engineering firm for 2017. MCU


IX. Public Works Jason reported that Eric is working out very well and they have been busy moving snow, completing repairs on equipment and catching up on water and waste water reporting.

Motion by to approve the Public Works report Chris, second by Wade. MCU


X. Administrators Mayor Geving made the following appointments for 2017. Vice Mayor, Pat Richards, Fire Department Liaison, Barb Serfling, Police Liaison, Chris Reed, Administrative office and License Bureau Liaison, Wade Reed, Public Works Liaison, Pat Richards. The City News Papers, Western Itasca Review and Deer Path Shopper. Banks, Northview of Deer River, Grand Rapids State Bank, Deer River Credit Union, Woodland Bank Deer River, League of Minnesota Cities 4-M fund, and Northern Securities. The meeting Date will be the second and fourth Mondays of each month unless otherwise posted. Steve Jurvelin, Civil Defense, Andy Shaw, City Attorney, John Licke Personnel Attorney. Planning Commission, Eugene Mannelin, Fran Nason, Tim Swanson, and Al Wilhelm. City Administrator Mark Box, Planning and Zoning official, Mark Box, Building Inspector Murray Ward, Deputy Clerk/Deputy Registrar Gayle Guthrie, Police Chief Tammy Perry, City Forester, John Tornes. Personnel Committee, Chris Reed, Barb Serfling and Wade Reed as an alternate. Ordinance Committee, Wade Reed and Barb Serfling. Blight Committee, Wade Reed and Pat Richards. Motion to approve the Mayors appointments by Chris, second by Pat. MCU


The Council reviewed the fee schedule for the city and after reviewing there were no changes made.

Mark asked for authorization for the Mayor to sign a letter of support for the walking trail grant application. Motion by Chris, second by Pat to allow the Mayor to sign the letter of support. MCU

Motion by Pat, second by Wade approve resolution 2017-1 increasing the water base rate to $18.00 with additional usage rate to remain the at $6.61 per thousand. MCU


Mark completed a pay equity study that is required by the State of Minnesota every three years. Motion by Barb, second by Wade to sign and submit the pay equity report. MCU


Mark asked to enroll Sarah into the Clerks Institute. This is a three-year commitment but Mark said it is very beneficial to the person who attends. Motion by Barb, second by Pat to allow Sarah to attend. MCU


Mark asked to be allowed to purchase three plaques for the retiring Police reserve officers. They are Dennis St John, Gary (Bud) Serfling, and Jim Grossell. Motion by Wade, second by Chris to purchase the retirement Plaques. MCU Motion by Wade, second by Barb to approve the Administrators report. MCU

XI. Other Mayor Geving asked the Council to plan on having some working sessions in the near future. Mayor Geving asked the Council to bring their schedules to the next meeting to set the date for the meetings.

Motion by Pat, second by Wade to close the public portion of the meeting for personnel issues. MCU meeting closed 6:39 PM

Meeting reopened at 7:47. After discussion on the how to respond to a union proposal of making the Administrative Assistant position part of the bargaining unit, Motion by Wade, second by Chris to allow John Licke to contact the Union and the Bureau of Mediation Services and get clarification on their proposal and to make a counter proposal offer which would allow the position to be in its own bargaining unit and to keep the petition open for a year. If the counter proposal is not agreed to the Council will proceed to a full Bureau of Mediation Services hiring. MCU


XII. Adjournment Motion by Chris, second by Barb to adjourn. MCU Meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Mark Box, City Administrator.




Approved by the City Council at the regular meeting on January 23rd, and signed by Mayor Geving.






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